Resume Advice

A slightly different way to look at your resume

None of us likes to write a resume.  It’s never fun but it’s an essential part of your search for your next employment or contract position.

You need to find a way present yourself and your experience most effectively on paper.  Listing your jobs or even recounting your achievements in detail is not enough.  You have to find a way to help the reader find that information, and then map your experience to the specific requirements of the job.

Think of this as telling a story.  You want the reader to see a comprehensive career path in your resume, and you want to help them see how that career matches their needs.

In this section we provide detailed and specific tips and advice to help you organize your information and present it most effectively.

Read our Resume Tips page first, and then spend some time going over our Resume Starter Questions.

Finally, take a look at our Resume Example and consider adapting your current resume to this format.

Remember this simple guideline: 

The purpose of your resume is not to list your skills and experience.

The purpose of your resume is to help the reader find your skills and experience that may be relevant to their needs.

Your challenge is to present your abilities in a way that is clear and easy to read and understand.

Keep all of this in mind as you explore these pages in the Resume section of our site:  General resume tips; questions to get you started; a sample resume format that we find works well.