Job Search Advice

Over the years we’ve accumulated some useful information that we’d like to share.  The pages in this section include the following:

Resume Advice with a different way to look at what your resume should do

Resume Tips with easy-to-follow examples of how to make your resume more effective, and make it work better for you

Starter Questions to help you put down on paper the ideas and suggestions we’ve provided in the Resume section

Resume Example showing all of this together in one place

Interview Tips with several pages of advice to help ensure that you have a more comfortable and successful meeting

Workplace Advice to help you make a good impression when you begin your new job

Take your time and browse through these pages, starting with the links above or by using the main navigation bar.  You’ll probably find something useful.

Please use our Contact page to submit your own tips and suggestions so we can share them with our consultants and other visitors to this site.