About Project Management Plus

Outstanding Senior Project Management and Business Analysis Resources

Project Management Plus has provided IT Project Management and Business Analysis resources to a number of small-to-medium size companies in the Sacramento area.  We also offer talent search services for a wide range of IT skill sets, including software development, testing and QA, training, organizational change management and more.

We’re a small company, and consider that an advantage.  We have no plans to expand.  We have a cadre of highly experienced project managers, business analysts and other technical resources available to support our core staff as needed, but we like to maintain direct relationships with our clients and partners, as well as with the members of our professional network.

We like offering personalized services to a few partners who know us and trust us.  We don’t want to lose that connection by growing into a “factory” where our clients don’t know who’s working on their accounts and where there may be reduced accountability for results.

Project Management Plus seeks to function as a business partner to our clients and we are committed to providing the exceptional candidate for every opportunity.  We provide a level of personalized and responsive service that will not generally be found in a larger organization.

PMP has a  particular interest in IT Project Managers, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts and Senior Managers across a range of industries for both contract and direct-hire positions.  We also frequently work with IV&V specialists, Testing and QA professionals and Software Developers.

Sales, marketing, business development, SEO, coaching, public relations or similar fields of endeavor lie outside our expertise and we do not offer search services for these areas.  For us recruiting, staffing, sourcing, etc. are not sales functions and frankly these are not specialties where our staff have any experience.